Get paid to advertise
on car advertising

Sticker Wheel matches drivers with advertisers, and helping brands connect with
millions of people every day. We work with brands to get their message seen.

Sticker Wheel advertising car

Easy and convenient

Everyone likes the idea of money for nothing. So when someone offers to pay you to drive your own car, you can hardly refuse. All you have to do is let us place the stylish advertising of our carefully chosen business partners on your vehicle, and you simply get on with your life and take the cash.

With the cost of petrol constantly going up, and what seems like just about everything else, this is your exciting chance to get paid without altering your daily routine.

How it works
Sign up advertising
We ask some short simple question about where you normally drive
We then match you to an advertiser
Drive and Earn
We wrap your car and send you a check each month
Download app and earn
money from your each mile
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We provide reports so that customers are able to
gain insights on how well their campaign is doing.

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